Ramkrishna Vivekanand Vidyapeeth Bijuri
Phone: 07658-264874 / 07658-264097 Email: rkvvbijuri@rediffmail.com
रामकृष्ण विवेकानंद विद्यापीठ बिजुरी
Ramkrishna Vivekanand Vidyapeeth Bijuri
Established: 1999
CBSE Affiliation No. 1030150
Welcome to RKVV Bijuri, M.P.

Ramkrishna Vivekananda Vidyapeeth,Kapildhara,Bijuri,sponcered by SECL (South Eastern Coalfield Ltd.)is a project school managed by RKSSA. It was inaugurated by secretary of Ramkrishna Mission Raipur Swami Satyarupa Nand Maharaj in the presence of then CMD(SECL) Shri Gautam Ku. Jha on 23rd July, 1999.

The school is situated on a hilly area. It is fully pollution free campus of over 8.0024 acres. The campus contains well ventilated classrooms, one prayer hall cum courtyard for indoor games and colourful big garden .There is a standing statue of Swami Vivekananda, in the center of the school garden.

School has two play grounds and a separate court for basketball, where school sports meet is held successfully very year. Play grounds are divided into different courts like kho-kho, football, volley ball and athletic track. For indoor games we have badminton court and tables for table-tennis and other games also. We have a separate kinds of parks with different swings, slides, merry-go-round, etc.

Our school garden is most attractive and beautiful in our locality. There is a good collection of flowers and ornamental plants. The school has a herbal garden, vegetable garden, medicinal garden and a rose garden. There are two ponds with water lily and colourfull fishes, in them ,these ponds attract parents as well as visitors.

We have the biggest auditorium in this locality. Its strength is around 2000 people at a time. Many SECL sponsored programs are conducted here. Our auditorium has two greenrooms, it is a well ventilated and eco-friendly auditorium. Every important function of our school like Annual Function, Foundation Day celebration , Science exhibition, fair, different house wise competition, etc. are conducted here.

It is one of the most peaceful holy place which is at the entrance of our school. There we have picture of holy mother MAA SARDA , THAKUR RAMAKRISHNA DEV , SWAMI VIVEKANANDA and an idol of Maa Saraswati. Staff and student of our school start their day with the blessing of God.

We have rich collection of different fields like mythology books, encyclopedia, biographies of famous personalities etc.
Different space is given to "Ramkrishna literature and Vedant Sahitya", to inculcate and promote reading habit among children. The library is playing a very important role in the CCE activities and a rich source of reference books.
During important occasions we exhibit Ramakrishna literature and Vedant Sahitya in the school campus.

Music education plays an important role in our child's overall development, intellectual, social and emotional. Music offers creative challenges and aesthetic appreciation as well as self expression and self discovery opportunities.
Throughout the year students participate in different school competition at various level. We have good collection of different musical instruments to foster emotional and practical as well as maturity personal and intellectual development in students. School emphasizes on imparting appropriate music lessons in classical, folk and western music.

For all round development of a student this plays a vital role in their life. It improves their creativity and develops their thinking skill. Here student show talent at state level in painting competitions. They learn oil painting, Spray painting, folk painting, glass painting etc.
Craft classes explore their creativity through waste material, paper craft, toy making , rakhi , handmade cards etc.

We give an atmosphere where student can practice to learn and understand the concepts and logic of various software in a very efficient manner.We have 40 computers will well equipped computer lab.

School has well equipped three laboratories of science streams like Biology Lab, Chemistry Lab and Physics Lab where students get practical knowledge in groups as well as individually. In today's world practical knowledge is more important than theoretical knowledge, so it is well said that the laboratory is a workshop to boost up their knowledge and scientific skills.

The School is proud to have well equipped Mathematics Laboratory where students get plenty opportunities to work separately and learn mathematical skills.

We have the facility of outdoor and indoor games. Outdoor games such as cricket , foot ball, basket ball , volleyball , track field events, Kho- Kho , athletics etc. Keep students energetic and enthusiastic. In the indoor games school has a badminton court, table-tennis room with so many tables, room for chess, carom and skating etc. These sports encourage the student and spark the spirit of self discipline, justice and team work. Students participate at CBSE cluster of Zonal national level sports/games competitions. Besides they also participate in state level and SECL sponsored sports and games activities

This club has been recently inaugurated in our school, where one room has been allotted for the same. In that room we have two beds first aid kit and emergency medicines. The room is clean and comfortable.
Proper health checkup a team of specialist dentist, eyes specialist and general physician visit our school.

Last but not the least, Our motto is �vkRekuks eks{kkFkZa txf)rk; p �
According to Swami Vivekananda "Man making education is our goal".

We inculcate these qualities in our students.