Ramkrishna Vivekanand Vidyapeeth Bijuri
Phone: 07658-264874 / 07658-264097 Email: rkvvbijuri@rediffmail.com
रामकृष्ण विवेकानंद विद्यापीठ बिजुरी
Ramkrishna Vivekanand Vidyapeeth Bijuri
Established: 1999
CBSE Affiliation No. 1030150
Welcome to RKVV Bijuri, M.P.
 A ) Process for admission

1) Admission forms issued by school when vacancy exists.
2) Admission test (dates are declared by the Exam deptt. if vacancy exists).
3) Formal interview
4) Result displayed on school's Notice board and School web site

 B) Documents required for admission

1) Attested copy and original of birth certificate for KGI admission. Original DOB to be returned after verification.
2) Mark sheet or Report card of previous class.
3) Transfer certificate /school leaving certificate with counter sign from DEO office till class 8th.
4) Transfer certificate counter signed from Regional office CBSE for class 9'th onwards
5) A Character Certificate from previous school.
6) Approval from CGM for non SECL candidates is a must.
7) Recommendation from SUB AREA MANAGER/PERSONAL MANAGER FOR SECL candidates.

 C. Fee structure

Fee payment to be done online only through SBI COLLECT [ File Size 10 KB ]
 D. Withdrawal

A) Apply for transfer certificate at-least one week in advance.
B) All dues to be cleared and a No dues form to be submitted duly signed by all concerned.

You can also use the inquiry form provided at our Contact Us page for any inquiry related to Admission and Fees

 Suggestion to parents

Suggestions for Parents.

Please help the institution in fulfilling its commitments by observing the following practical suggestions:

* Please spend atleast two to three hours with your child daily. Ask him/her daily about his/her assignments given by the teachers and see that he/she completes it on time.
* Let your child learn to lead a common man's life in the school.
* Have a control in providing pocket money. Do not give all that your children ask for. Get an account for the money given.
* Do not give rich food for the tiffin. In place of that balanced diet is recommended.
* Teach your children to be independent in matters of cleanliness. See that your ward comes to school in neat and clean uniform everyday.
* Have a strict vigilance on the company of your children.
* Never defend the mistakes of your children. If necessary, please see the Principal/Teachers for proper guidance.
* Provide inspiring stories and biographies of great men at home.
* Realise and accept the fact that education (culture) can not be purchased. It has to be achieved through great discipline and perseverance.
* Encourage your child to speak in English alone in the school, and for sometimes at home.
* Impress upon the child the need to be disciplined always at home as well as in the school.
* Kindly ensure that the child writes the daily diary everyday at night.