Ramkrishna Vivekanand Vidyapeeth Bijuri
Phone: 07658-264874 / 07658-264097 Email: rkvvbijuri@rediffmail.com
रामकृष्ण विवेकानंद विद्यापीठ बिजुरी
Ramkrishna Vivekanand Vidyapeeth Bijuri
Established: 1999
CBSE Affiliation No. 1030150
Welcome to RKVV Bijuri, M.P.
 Suggestions for Parents.

Please help the institution in fulfilling its commitments by observing the following practical suggestions:

* Please spend atleast two to three hours with your child daily. Ask him/her daily about his/her assignments given by the teachers and see that he/she completes it on time.
* Let your child learn to lead a common man's life in the school.
* Have a control in providing pocket money. Do not give all that your children ask for. Get an account for the money given.
* Do not give rich food for the tiffin. In place of that balanced diet is recommended.
* Teach your children to be independent in matters of cleanliness. See that your ward comes to school in neat and clean uniform everyday.
* Have a strict vigilance on the company of your children.
* Never defend the mistakes of your children. If necessary, please see the Principal/Teachers for proper guidance.
* Provide inspiring stories and biographies of great men at home.
* Realise and accept the fact that education (culture) can not be purchased. It has to be achieved through great discipline and perseverance.
* Encourage your child to speak in English alone in the school, and for sometimes at home.
* Impress upon the child the need to be disciplined always at home as well as in the school.
* Kindly ensure that the child writes the daily diary everyday at night.